•   To support all the key sectors of the economy, this influences growth through combined efforts in multi-faceted logistics domains.
  •   To impart quality job profile covering 25 areas in logistics and allied services.
  •   To deliver quality training and develop top class professionals to power the industrial demand and help in nation building.
  •   To conduct regular career enhancement programs in the field of logistics to train professionals according to the demand of the situation.
  •   To establish proper understanding and awareness in the industry by adopting professional standard logistics and its multi-model transport operations.


Logistics training- One step forward. Stay ahead

Logistics today is an area of great significance in everyday life. Apart from storing and moving goods from one place to another, it gives obvious employment opportunities to students in various areas. The possibilities are numerous in upgrade their skills and abilities as they look into their future.

The study of logistics provides specific understanding regarding the management and control of the flow of goods, energy and information and other resources like people, products and services from the source of production to the marketplace. It also requires a clear integration of information, warehousing, material handling, packaging, inventory and transportation. It is almost impossible to fulfill any marketing or manufacturing activity without proper logistical support.

The important duties of a logistics manager include warehousing, inventory management, purchasing, transport and the planning and organizing of these activities. There is a coordination of resources in an organization which is possible by the joint efforts and general knowledge of the manager regarding the different functions.

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